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2nd African Philanthropy Conference 2021: Surviving COVID19 – the role of African Philanthropy
The beginning of March 2020 saw the dawn of the COVID19 pandemic which hit the shores of most countries worldwide bringing with it unprecedented changes to life as we know it.

Philanthropy, in all of its various forms, engaged stakeholders from the private, public, non-profit, and religious sectors. It nimbly cut across geographies, social classes, and demographic groups in a way that governments and businesses often could not to help manage the impact of the pandemic. Traditionally, the impetus for giving is clear: donors identify rampant need in their communities and, for various religious, social, moral, and cultural reasons, choose to give freely of their resources. But what was the impact of their giving? What was the role of African philanthropy in responding to the pandemic? What are the positive lessons from philanthropy in the post recovery period? What are some notable achievements from philanthropy’s contribution to responding to COVID19? What is philanthropy’s role in supporting research and development in Africa? Finally, what are the strategies that need to be crafted to realise the One Africa vision through philanthropy?
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