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Inaugural Lecture of Prof Edwin Etieyibo - An African Ethics of Duty and Cultural Justice and Injustice
The value and importance of cultural group and membership (CGM) is one that need (or ought) not to invite much discussion, as it forms a large part of the groundwork for individual identity, an essential basis of self-respect and the formation and pursuit of a variety of conceptions of the good. In a way, the respect that is accorded to CGM seem to correlate directly to the respect that we give to individuals qua members of those groups or cultures. Accordingly, a diminished expression of respect or lack thereof for CGM or a disregard for both the visible and invisible elements of cultures or CGM constitute some form of cultural injustice or injustice against those cultures. In this lecture, I engage with some philosophical or normative elements of an African cultural worldview, what I call the “ethics of duty,” by showing the ways in which failure, either at the local or global level, to take seriously the obligations or “black taxes” that are imposed by this worldview on members of an African cultural worldview constitute a form of cultural injustice. I conclude by presenting and discussing an outline of some appropriate ways of moving towards cultural justice vis-à-vis recognition of the obligations that are imposed by the African cultural worldview, as part of my overall motivation of gesturing towards a holistic socio-political strategy of decolonization or Africanisation.

Sep 23, 2020 05:00 PM in Johannesburg

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